Most colleges need a response from the student by June 1 about whether or not they will attend.  If they have been accepted by their first choice or only applied to one  school then the decision will be easy.  If there is not a clear-cut choice then they will need to do some more evaluation to make the final decision.


Things to compare:
  • List the pros and cons of each college - what are the advantages and disadvantages?  Consider the campus atmosphere - how comfortable was it?
  • Consider  the strength of the majors, the academic standards, the academic reputation,  the location.
  • Evaluate and compare the financial cost(s).
  • Talk to people -  parents, friends, guidance counselor and teachers.
  • Decide what is most important to you.  Review all your information and rank your choices.  Make a final decision.

 Remember - No decision is etched in stone.   There may be doubts even until the first day of classes.  However, by working through the decision-making process carefully, the first decision will most likely be the right one.


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