Applications, Essays, Letters of Recommendation, Transcripts, ...


Applications:  Application forms for schools can be located on-line, at the guidance office, or by contacting the schools admissions office and requesting one.   Most schools now encourage you to apply on-line. 


Your application is usually the first impression of you for the admissions office, therefore, when completing your application remember some of the following points:
  • FIRST, Read over the application and give particular attention to the directions.  You may be required to write an essay or need to include Letters of Recommendation. 
  • Be sure to spell all words correctly and use proper grammar.  If you are mailing the application in, be sure to write legibly, neatly, and if not specified, use blue or black ink. 
  • Check your application deadline.  Does it say "Must be postmarked by ..." or "Must be received by  ..." - there is a difference.
  • Information you may need on the application:
                         Northern Bedford County High School, 152 NBC Drive, Loysburg, PA  16659  
                         814-766-2221 / Fax 814-766-3772 / School website                                                                                                        
                         Grade 12 School Counselor - Mrs. Emily Swanseen   
                        College Entrance Examination Board number - 391830 (also referred to as CEEB or school code #)
  • If applying to more than one school, it helps the process if you are able to bring all your applications to the Guidance Office at the same time.
  • If you need help, be sure to stop by the office!


Transcripts:  Your OFFICIAL high school transcript includes: your high school grades, grade point average (GPA), class rank, test scores, and school activities.  A transcript is only "official" if it is sent from the high school directly to the school.   To have your transcript(s) mailed you will need to complete the Transcript Request form which is available at the guidance office.  Please allow approximately two school days for your transcripts to be prepared and mailed. 


Transcript Request for on-line applications:  If you file electronically, be sure to print the signature page (if required) and bring it to the guidance office so your transcripts can be mailed.  You will also need to complete NBCs Official Transcript Request form.  The colleges do not notify me to say you applied on-line - that is your responsibility.

Transcript Request for paper application:   Please bring your completed application to the Guidance Office.  Be sure to include the required application fee with check or money order (not cash) and any required essays and/or letters of recommendation.  You will also need to complete NBCs Official Transcript Request form.  Your application(s) will be reviewed, transcripts prepared, and then all will be mailed.   Please allow approximately two school days for you application to be reviewed, transcripts prepared, and all documents mailed.  Be considerate of this time requirement and prepare your application well before the deadlines. 


Final High School Transcript:  All schools require a "Final Official High School Transcript" to show completion of your high school education.  In May, I will meet with you to prepare the list final graduation plans for all seniors.  Your final high school transcript will then be mailed to your chosen school by July 1st. 




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