Students can visit schools during Open House programs or by calling the admissions office during the regular school session for an appointment.  It is recommended that students  try to schedule appointments with the following three persons:  (1) an admissions officer, (2)  a financial aid officer, and (3) the department chairperson or a professor in their major of interest.  Talk to students that attend the school.  One can learn the most about "life" at the school from them. Include  parents.  What do they think?


Things to check out during your visit:
  • What is the atmosphere of campus?  Is it peaceful, laid back, busy, rushed?  How does it feel?
  • Talk with the department chairperson or a professor in the major where one has an interest.  What opportunities exist  - courses, special programs, student organizations, internships?
  •  Sit in on one or more classes.  Observe both the instructor and students.  Who teaches most of the classes - professors or graduate assistants? 
  •  Check out the facilities -  lecture halls, laboratories, libraries, computer facilities.  Go to the bookstore.  What do they sell?  What about health and safety services?  Are tutoring and counseling services available? What religious facilities are on or close to the campus?
  •  Student life - Visit the dorms, student union, eating places.  What student activities are available - fraternities, sororities, service clubs, intramural sports, school newspaper, etc.?  Talk with current students at the school.
  •  The community - Is the campus in a rural setting or in the middle of a city?  What transportation is available?
  •  Does the school meet your needs in what you what and will need out of this career planning step?



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