Parent resources for dealing with tragedies

 In response to the horrible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a list has been compiled as a resource for parents and educators.

CNN report: Should you talk to your kids about Sandy Hook?


5 Helpful Resources for Talking to Kids About Tragedies:


A National Tragedy: Helping Children Cope

     Books to read with kids 

j crist

What to do when you're scared & worried: A guide for kids by James J. Crist, Ph.D.

M Holmes
A Terrible Thing Happened by Margaret M. Holmes

c meiners

When I Feel Afraid by Cheri J. Meiners, M.Ed.

c shuman

Jenny is Scared by Carol Shuman


hands          GRIEF & LOSS                          

Loss is difficult at any age, but when your child is dealing with grief it can be overwhelming and confusing to know what to do as a parent. Children will experience and understand loss, whether the loss was a goldfish, a friend moving away or a tragic death of a loved one. Every individual is unique and will deal with grief in their own way. However, a general guideline can help you determine whether you should seek some additional help through the school or a community agency.  
Children Now Talking with Kids about Tough Issues, Children Now
relational aggression      A blog site for discussions about relational aggression, or bullying that attacks relationships, friendships and social power. The helpful hints section has strategies to teach our daughters how to respond to episodes or incidents of relational aggression if they are targeted or if they are bystanders during an incident.
 empower Empowering Parents: Child Behavior Help. A site full of parenting tips & techniques, ideas, blogs and articles with information about hot topics (disrespect, anxiety, discipline) and topics that fit just about every situation.


  Stop Bullying Now
Stop Bullying Now!
If your child is experiencing a bullying problem, please let us know!! Use this form < NBC Elementary Bullying Report Form> to give the information directly to the counselor.
Last Modified on January 11, 2013
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